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My Visit to Amana Colonies, Lowa County

Hot today, 92, but really breezy

There are 7 Amana Colonies spread out over 26,000 acres, each about a mile or two from the other.  Amana, where we went yesterday, is by far the biggest. We went to Middle Amana, home of Whirlpool, formerly Amana.  Big factory, not many people there today being Saturday.  Most homes have beautiful gardens, the most beautiful daylilies I’ve ever seen.

There was a communal kitchen here, one of 50 in the colonies, where all the food for the residents was prepared.  A small bakery, with a “sold out” sign and some small B&Bs. Two miles down the road is High Amana, not much going on here except a lot of farms and roadkill. Another mile to West Amana, the main attraction here a Broom and Basket store.

Most of the older homes and businesses here are made from brick, stone and clapboard and the homes have trellises on the outside for the flowers to climb on so they don’t grow on the house.  Took a break from the Amanas and went to Marengo, the biggest town around and the only grocery store, a Big “G”.  Not much selection, but we didn’t need much.

Not too many people wearing masks here, a big difference from yesterday.  Stopped in Homestead, another of the colonies for gas, and stopped in at AJ’s Copper Shop to buy some Roy Rogers Cocktails.  He has many, many sculptures made from copper and pained with auto paint, absolutely gorgeous art but soooooo expensive. Went back to the Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse because the bacon we got there yesterday somehow disappeared at breakfast.

Back to the campground to stuff the groceries into the fridge and freezer (we’re always amazed at home much fits), then sat outside and read and watched the ground squirrels pop up now and then.  Haven’t figured out if they’re ground squirrels, chipmunks, or some other rodent.  The Millstream Brewery in town, the oldest craft brewery in Iowa are having entertainment tonight at 6 so we went earlier to avoid the crowd, if there is any.

They have a nice oatmeal stout.  The band was setting us and we got the listen to their soundcheck.  Very few people here, only 2 other couples.  Back to the campground for dinner. We had never heard of the Amana Colonies before, just happened to land here.  Had a great time here, wondering how many more little places like this there are in the US and how many more we can find. Off tomorrow.

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