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My Visit to Dahlonega, GA Wineries and Mountains

No rain today, but we did drive through some areas where it looked like we had just missed the rain.  Cooler in the mountains, about 78.

Spent the morning catching up e-mails, etc.  Packed lunch and drove to Dahlonega, GA, and the wine trail. Dahlonega was a mining town and there are still quite a few gem panning and stores around.

The whole day was driving up and down and round and round the Appalachian Mountains, beautiful scenery, winding roads with kudzu covered trees on all sides. We passed by the “stone pile”, a pile of rocks that supposedly is the grave of an Indian princess and if you place a rock on her grave you have good fortune.

We were here a few years ago and it was just an intersection but now it’s in the middle of a big rotary.  Kind of sad, it was so unique and now it’s just a pile of rocks. They’ve even taken the sign down.  But we put rocks on the pile just like we did years ago for good luck.

First stop was Wolf Mountain Winery on the top of one of the mountains. Beautiful views but full of people there for lunch and wine tasting.

For more details on wine tasting, you can check how to make Roy Rogers Drink.

We went in and went right out again, way too many people.  Back down to the Appalachian Foothills Parkway to Frogtown Cellars, another winery with beautiful views.  Not so many people, we sat on the patio and tasted a few very overpriced wines.

They had a resident cat, Coyote, who was more interested in anybody who had food than us.  On to Accent Winery, a smaller winery with no restaurant but a very knowledgeable winemaker who talked our ears off about wine and winemaking.  It was just us and him and quite a nice experience.  Filled up on gas for the trip tomorrow and then back to the campground.

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