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My Visit to Monterey, Tennessee

Drove 200 miles in 6-3/4 hours to Monterey, TN Beautiful day, no rain, 72 in mountains, 85 in town. Up and around the Appalachian Mountains, zig-zagging 20 miles to the top to the Appalachian Trailhead where there are lots of hikers out today.

Also quite a few motorcycles and convertible sports cars out for a Saturday morning drive, whizzing by us. About 10 degrees cooler in the mountains. We can’t see how pretty the mountains are because we’re in them and all we can see is trees and steep inclines.

The GPS said our destination was 288 miles, Google said 206. So we went with Google but, of course, we lost reception in the mountains and had to guess a lot of the time. Back down 20 miles, again zig-zagging, for 9 miles on a road that should have been one-way, when we met an on-coming car it was hair raising.

Drove through North Carolina for about 20 minutes, then entered Tennessee. Stopped at a parking lot in Sweetwater, TN for lunch and got our senses back. We finally got to I-75 south of Knoxville, then I-40 to Monterey which is between Crossville and Cookeville. As soon as we got to the campground we knew we’d like it and the site they gave us seems to be the best one.

It backs up to a field, at 75’ between us and the next site, shaded, wooded, perfect. We set up, sat outside and read. Great breeze, lots of singing birds. A place we can really relax. The pavilion was reserved for a wedding today and we saw about 30 people going to it.

There’s a parking area that we can almost see past the field and they were parking there and either walking past us to the pavilion and getting shuttled by golf carts. They we going by us about 5:30 but 45 minutes later they were all leaving.

Don’t know if just a ceremony was here (we did see a minister go by us) and the reception was somewhere else, if there was no reception (although people were all gussied up) or they called the whole thing off.

Guess we’ll never know. So we went back to reading and minding our own business. After dinner we drove into the town of Monterey, just on the other side of I-40, tiny little historic town, and found a Dairy Queen.

Back to the campground for a really nice campfire with lots of lightning bugs and stars.

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