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My Visit to Santa Fe-Casino, Pueblo, Market & Bug Museum

Bit warmer today, 93 but still sunny and low humidity

We had to fill up on fuel so we went back to the Pojoaque Reservation where it’s cheaper and, oh my!, the Buffalo Thunder Casino is right there too. Went in hoping they would treat us better than the other day but we only won $3.87 today. Better than losing and we had a good time. Across the street from the casino on the week-ends is a flea market with local crafters. Beautiful, different jewelry, crafts, rugs, etc. with good prices.

The most interesting craft to me was baskets made in South Africa out of phone wire. They were beautiful and colorful and every design meant something different. The directions for finding the entrance to the Tesuque Pueblo were “Near Camel Rock, a natural sandstone formation that wind and rain have eroded into the shape of a camel”.

The rock was easy to spot, the pueblo, not so easy. Down the road a bit after getting a bit lost (and asking directions) we finally found it. Built-in the 1200s it is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s one of the smallest pueblos in the state, 17,000 acres, 800 residents, mostly crafters, pottery, painting, sculpture, silverware, and clothing. They also operate the casino and flea market.

The only life we saw was one ancient man sitting under a cottonwood tree and quite a few roaming dogs. Back to civilization, we stopped at yet another craft market with more beautiful jewelry, mostly turquoise, but some other stones and some shells as well. In the same building was the Harrell House Bug Museum. We only saw the exhibits in the front of the museum but met the owner, Oliver Greer.

He started as a collector and now has one of the biggest collections in the world, over 4700 mounted insects from around the world with some of the largest and rarest insects and arachnid specimens and over 150 live animals including insects, spiders, scorpion millipedes, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. You can hold them and feel them too. We decided to leave that to someone else.

The grocery store, Albertson’s here, is right next door so we stocked up, getting ready to leave tomorrow. Did a bit of cleaning in the RV. The rabbit came back tonight and didn't even flinch when Harry tossed it a carrot and it landed about a foot away. It didn't show any interest in the carrot either. We really enjoyed Santa Fe and would definitely come back. The cost of living here is really high, especially homes, but food, etc. is also quite expensive.

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